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4kq Key switch replacement

Hi everyone,
	I need to replace the little white portion of my key switch on my
84' 4kq.  It is the last part of the unit before it conects to the black
connector that then is connected to the 5 wires that  go to their
respective spots.  It is the little white piece of plastic with 5 spades
on it for the conection and a whole for the shaft after the tumblers I
think on the other end.  ANy how, what is the easiest way to get at it.
The Bently is kind of vague on this.  Doesn't address it directly but It
looks like I need to dissasemble the whole steering shaft down to that
point.  If I do this what parts or washers should I replace?
	Also, my center shaft is not grounded so my horn doesnt work.
Where should I look to fix this?  I need my horn :)
	Thanks again for any info.

	Todd Phenneger   aka: Zarati
	1984 4000s quattro / New Red Paint
	2.5" Borla SS Exhaust  /  Boge Turbo Gas Shocks
	15" Wheels & 205/50 ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71s
	Considering a Turbo Conversion  :)