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S4: Brakes, Springs, Gauges and Chips anyone?

I was on this list quite some time ago and now I'm back and need your
expert help.
I have a friend that just bought a 1994 S4. We wants to upgrade the
brakes, the spring rates, and add some additional gauges. We'll be
chipping it too.
The brakes it has do not seem adequate for this car and they do not
match what my factory manual shows for the S4, they look like Audi 200
brakes. The  S4 brakes in the manual show dual piston calipers with 4
pads per caliper. Is it worth upgrading to the brakes shown in the
factory manual or is there a better set up available using some 4 piston
Brembo calipers or such? What should be put on the back to match? 
He wants to put stiffer springs on it without lowering the car. Anyone
know off stiffer spring that wont drop the ride height? Or maybe spacers
to go with some shorter springs? I say lower it but he goes to the snow
a lot and doesn't want to lower it.
We have some gauges to add but this is too nice a car to hang some ugly
gauges all over so I'm looking for a nice looking gauge console that
mounts on top of the dash? I'm probable dreaming, right?
The last and probable most important question (and controversial): Whose
Chip should we use? It is a street car only but he likes horsepower and
even chipped this will be one of the underpowered cars in his fleet.
With the likes of an F-40, 930, Dinan 750L to be compared with the S4
needs a much power as we can safely get.
Jim Dupree
84 4K Quattro
84 4K