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Re: 5KT auto trans sources

> At last after long period of luck with my four Audi autos I experienced 
> a problem I can't correct myself. My 88 5K Tubo Automatic lost its diff 
> again, for the second time this year. Can someone recomend good sourse of 
> rebuilt automatic transmissions? I called European Transmission Exchange 
> in NJ and found a competly overhauled one for $1,200.00  with one year 
> and unlimited milage warranty. I wounder if they are good. This shop 
> advertises in European Car Magazine. Any info is appreciated.

Try German Transmission/Transaxle in Oregon. The numbers are:

They are on the htmlized vendor list, and they had a third gear (!) for
my Coupe Q when I was rebuiling my tranny.
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* Cohasset, MA			 
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