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Another leak in the V8

 -=> Firkins illuminates us with <=-

 Fi> My V8 has found yet another fluid to deposit onto the cat, this time
 Fi> its coolant. I guess its not going to make much difference since its
 Fi> already being doused with ATF & Pentosin.
 Fi> Any ideas as to a likely source? Looks like I'm gunna hafta make a big
 Fi> sacrifice to the gods, must be in response to the front rotors I
 Fi> picked up this morning for about $70US each, discounted at the dealer
 Fi> from about $150.

      There were one or two V8Q'ers who had a similar leak, probably
      in the archives somewhere, but had something to do with an
      O-ring behind the right bank of the engine, I think.

      The Pentosin one is the only one that sounds really
      expen$ive.  I changed the high pressure hose on my
      car 18 months ago, and the damn thing is leaking
      again. Dealer says only 1 year warranty on hose,
      Audi hasn't gotten back to me yet. I guess
      it's not normal to expect a hose that's less than
      one foot long and costs $280 US to last more than
      a year and a half.


      '90 V8Q (still waiting for parts)
      '84 5KS
      '85 Cheby Celebrity (uncle comes back Sunday)

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