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Re: Had my bath today.

 -=> Fmartin illuminates us with <=-

 Fm> Until it's fixed, you may get away with shutting off the valve that 
 Fm> supplies the hot fluid to the core. If your setup is like my 100Q 
 Fm> (or most other cars), you'll find in the engine compartment, 
 Fm> probably close to the firewall, a (white?) plastic unit in one of 
 Fm> the heater hose lines that run into the fire wall. This will have a 
 Fm> control arm on it, that swings back and forth to open and shut this 

     It'll still leak unless you block off the return end
     also.  The valve only stops the flow of coolant, it
     doesn't reduce the pressure in the other line.

     One thing that I've found to be a MUST in any cars
     "emergency kit" is a pair of Hose Pinchers. I carry
     both the vise grip type (the jaws are flat and clamp
     onto the hose) and the wing-nut type (JC Whitney sells
     sets of these for about U$5.00). These little gizmos
     are worth their weight in gold when you blow a
     tranny cooler line, brake line, heater hose, radiator
     resevoir hose, hydraulic suspension line, etc.  I've
     used them in all these capacities over the years.


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