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Re: Stupidity in Virginia - YES, QUATTRO CONTENT!

> > I am
> > worried about my A4q being launched into the wall by some jockey who thinks
> > it is a front or rear wheel drive car!!  Does ANYONE have experience in
> > this?  Last thing I need is to fight a lawsuit against a gas station and the
> > state, trying to prove one of them is at fault for screwing up my car.  Any
> > suggestions?

> And so you should be worried.  I suppose I could suggest that you move
> to MD.  Well no, they have dyno testing too.  How about DC?  No, that
> won't work either.  Sorry, Jon, no more options from where I sit.  Well,
> at least VA has very liberal concealed carry laws...

Well, here in the Seattle WA area, we have the dyno tests, but they are
drive thru and you stay in the car.  AWD just gets the previous no-load
at idle and 2500 rpm test.  You could say it's another quattro
advantage I suppose!