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Re: Stupidity in Virginia - YES, QUATTRO CONTENT!

> WV has minimal (read farcical) inspection and *NO* dyno tests.  If your car

Inspection... hmmm.  You talking about emissions or mechanical?
Here in WA, we don't have any mechanical inspection and even if
the emissions are no good, you can get a waiver after paying
so much (used to be $50 on an older car) trying to fix it.
So when my UrQ was needing a valve job and wouldn't pass,
I just gave it a tune-up (which was due anyway) at an emissions specialist
and (surprise), cost more than $50... waiver form signed
and I was legal!

As for the WA State Patrol inspection when you bring a car into
the state, all they do is check that all the VIN numbers that
they can find match and that the car isn't reported stolen