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Re: 5k/4k suspension questions

> i believe 4 of the bushings used in the rear 44Q suspension are similar
> to bushings used in the 4kq suspension.  these are part no 443 505 171F
> and are used for the toe adjustment bracket and the trap arm where it
> connects to the rear wheel bearing housing.  can anyone confirm that
> these are 4kq and/or tqc parts?  are they the ones which are available
> as sport bushings?

Not that I can see on either the US or UK Ur-Q parts fiches ... (BTW, copies
of the euro parts fiche are being made in the next room as I write this.  If
the rain doesn't screw things up, I hope to be able to ship them to those on
the waiting list tomorrow afternoon ... finally, I might add).

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