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Re: mercedes benz 2.3-16 cosworth (little audi content)

At 7:32 AM -0500 on 9/27/97, Dave Eaton wrote:

> anyway, the point of this ramble is that we audi geeks often pride
>ouselves on
> the engineering in our cars, and rightly so.  however, if anyone has an
> opportunity to do so, check out the sunroof mechanism on a mb 2.3-16
> it has to be one of the most beautifully executed works of engineering
>art that
> i've come across.  amost worth owning the car for.
What exactly is so special about the sunroof mech?  They seem pretty bland,
except for the Mercury-concept Cougar, which had a multi-segmented moonroof
that opened like those funny multi-sectioned house windows, like this:
when open, it's like this:
It was really cool looking, but as the author of the article pointed out,
would be a nightmare to manufacture and to keep sealed...nice concept, no
reality :)


Brett Dikeman
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