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My C-GT problem (starts, still lopes)

Well, I went and jiggled some wires, unplugged and plugged some
connectors (re-placing them where they were -  ha ha).  I managed to get
it to start, and it still lopes like it did - bluh-bluh  bluh-bluh 
bluh  bluh-bluh, etc.

Every once in a while, there a noise.  Sounds kinda like a hiccup in the
intake.  I can feel it on the flow plate/t-body (I can't believe I can't
think of what the rubber thingee is called!) thing too.

Next level of investigation I guess would be to look under the (insert
name here that I should know - I really know it usually) rubber thing,
and see if the flow plate is outta range or damaged.  Heck I don't know
what the f*ck to look for. <frustration mounts>

Two parked Audis, and a plastic Saturn to drive around...

See ya,

<  '86 Audi Coupe GT                           >
<   AZEV 16's, ABT, Borla, K&N, Brembo, Schrick>
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