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A4 saved me big time

Yesterday afternoon, I was heading south on a way , then started approaching
this set of traffic lights -  I was on the center lane and probably about 30
yards from the lights when it changed green, so I accelerated and as I cross
the intersection, I see this moron running the red light from the east - also
a one way. I gave the A4 full gas and swung the steering wheel to the right
and then hit on the brakes and then corrected the car back to the left. The
moron in the big Yank tank also braked, but stopped about 20-30 yards across
the intersection. I can only thank the Quattro system; ABS and just plain
darn superb handling from the A4 that saved my skin - had I been T-boned, I
could have been critically injured as the Yank tank was about a '70s Buick.
'97 A4 2.8 Q