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'91 200 hot spot?

While unravelling the mystery of the car's past, I noted the following 3
pieces of evidence in/on my new '91 200. These are are located in the same
area under and on the hood (bonnet).

(1) The coolant reservoir had been very recently replaced (before dealer
acquired the vehicle). 91,000 miles.
(2) The hood insulation blanket is intact and seemingly undamaged, but in
the area just above the reservoir, it releases a cloud of dust when
tapped--other areas don't do this.
(3) A small area of paint (3 cm diameter) on the outside of the hood--just
above this spot--appears slightly damaged with cracking seen in the

So, is this area of the 20V engine likely to generate unusually high
temps--perhaps flames? Fan motor meltdown? There is no evidence of any
current problems. Any ideas?

'89 100
'91 200q