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FS: MicroFiche for Audis!

I have "aquired" a limited number of genuine VW/Audi  microfiche.  These
are the same one the parts guys use at the dealerships and have complete
"exploded" diagrams of all the car's assemblies.  PLUS part numbers...no
more asking around, or getting the wrong part because you didn't have the
right number!

I am initialy offering the Fiche at $35 each, shipping included.  I was
willing to pay $50, but there was NO way to get them!...until now.

I have fiche for most models of Audis.  Including 4000, 5000, 90, 80, 100,
Quattros (inc. Coupe), and wagons.

These are used fiche, and some may have some scratches, but not enough to
make them unreadable, and I will personally check them out before I send

Viewing the fiche however,is your problem.  There are microfiche viewers
out there that can be bought.  Or you can jury rig a light box with a piece
of white paper with a light behind it, and use a jewler's or photography

Please email me with inquiries.  But once their gone, their gone.

I also have VW, and Porsche fiches available.


James Cohen

New York City, Williamstown, Ma
and Aspen, CO (winters)

RED '93 Corrado
RED '87 GTI G60!!!