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re: My C-GT problem (starts, still lopes)

> <<Well, I went and jiggled some wires, unplugged and plugged some
> connectors (re-placing them where they were -  ha ha).  I managed to get
> it to start, and it still lopes like it did - bluh-bluh  bluh-bluh 
> bluh  bluh-bluh, etc.>>
> Check the fuses for the fuel injection.  There's a row of about 4 fuses on
> the front that look like spares; they are not.  Could be a blown or poor
> connection in that fuse.  Engine runs horrible if it's blown.  Check your
> owner's manual for what fuse goes where, if you removed a "spare" and don't
> remember where it goes.
> HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com

Friend of mine hit a deep hole and almost same thing 
happened to him it wouldn't run at anything but idle and even then it 
would like to stall.  He towed it to the dealer and it turned out to be 
both the timing and the CO level out of adjustment.  His hit was 
serious though.  He said he was surprized that he didn't loose his 
oil pan or part of the suspension. After both timing and CO were 
adjusted the car was back to normal.

Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe TURBO (465,000 km)
1984 4000s quattro (320,000 km under the wrench)
1970 Porsche 911E Targa (also under the wrench)

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