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Re: MicroFiche for Audis!

And I gave them away for free AND paid for oveseas mail.  I could be rich
if I were only a little smarter :^)

Jouko Haapanen
you friendly Finnish q-lister with a couple of hundred fiche waiting for
round two...

> From: James Cohen <jscohen@sprynet.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: FS: MicroFiche for Audis!
> Date: 27. syyskuuta 1997 18:17
> I have "aquired" a limited number of genuine VW/Audi  microfiche.  These
> are the same one the parts guys use at the dealerships and have complete
> "exploded" diagrams of all the car's assemblies.  PLUS part numbers...no
> more asking around, or getting the wrong part because you didn't have the
> right number!
> I am initialy offering the Fiche at $35 each, shipping included.  I was
> willing to pay $50, but there was NO way to get them!...until now.
> I have fiche for most models of Audis.  Including 4000, 5000, 90, 80,
> Quattros (inc. Coupe), and wagons.
> These are used fiche, and some may have some scratches, but not enough to
> make them unreadable, and I will personally check them out before I send
> them.
> Viewing the fiche however,is your problem.  There are microfiche viewers
> out there that can be bought.  Or you can jury rig a light box with a
> of white paper with a light behind it, and use a jewler's or photography
> lupe.
> Please email me with inquiries.  But once their gone, their gone.
> I also have VW, and Porsche fiches available.
> James
> James Cohen
> New York City, Williamstown, Ma
> and Aspen, CO (winters)
> RED '93 Corrado
> RED '87 GTI G60!!!