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Re: May have to sell my Coupe Q for career advancement!!!!

Thus spake Christian J. Long (RELAYER@aol.com):
>I've encountered a tough choice my friends....In the next couple of months I
>will be given the chance to move into a consulting position in my office
>where I would be traveling around Florida consulting physician practices.  I
>would be on the road at least once a week taking doctors with me.  SO, my
>boss says that would mean I would have to sell my car and get one with lower
>miles and possibly 4 doors.

A couple of possibilities come to mind:

1.  what does "lower miles" have to do with perceived "goodness" of the
car?  If you've taken good care of your Coupe Q, mileage doesn't mean much.

2.  remind your boss that you're a wonderful worker; one that s/he doesn't
want to lose for a silly reason like a car.  Get the company to lease you
an S6 or a new A4, and sell it to you cheap after a few years.

OK, so I'm dreaming ...

1990 Coupe Q

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