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10a fuse looks like a spare?

On my Coupe GT, there is a fuse in the fuse block that is not identified
in the chart sticker under the cover.  It is at the end of a row of
fuses, all others of which seem like they are spares.  This fuse,
however, is not a spare, and it's plug that it rests in actually has
contacts in it.

What does this fuse do?  It's strange that it's not identified.

It seems that this fuse was blown, and when I replaced it, the car
started and ran.  Seemed to be fine.  This after I had redid my valve
timing, checked my compression, checked the alternator regulator and
brushes, pulled out my distributor and "retimed" it (preliminarily).

So, tommorrow I guess I'll loosen the tension on the timing belt (it
seems it's a bit tight again - it's noisy).  But then I hesitate to,
'coz it seemed like it had jumped quite a few teeth since last time I
did it.

Gonna do the ignition timing too.  What should my timing be for max
power?  I know the stock spec is way retarded (ha ha) compared to the
setting for power, instead of economy or emissions.  Isn't it around 10
BTDC or so?  I run nothing but Chevron Supreme 92 octane with Techron.

I hope I found the reason for the problem.  I wish I had checked all the
fuses first.  Why the heck isn't this fuse listed on the sticker?  What
is it?  And how does it blow when you hit a really hard bump?


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