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FS: Complete blowoff/bypass assembly

I've decided to go back to the stock system, and as such have a complete
blowoff/bypass system for sale (200-10V turbo). Consists of: 
1) trimmed Samco hose w/side blowoff port (new-$115.00 + shipping)
2) modified stock steel downtube w/steel Napa fitting kevlar epoxied in place
3)S-4 bypass valve (new about 35.00 I think)
4) hoses and tees

The S-4 valve likes to blowoff above 1.9 bar.

$120.00 plus shipping. Costs over $200.00 to duplicate plus your time. Used
<7 months.

********************************AUDI FAN***********************************
                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
87 5KCStq 206K miles                1.8 bar 
    qcusa #3442                 Maitland, Florida