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Re: C-GTlopin' update

> I then borrowed my friends compression tester, and we checked the
> compression.  The results are listed below:
> Cyl #     Bar     PSI
> =====     ===     ===
> 1         7.5     100
> 2         10      140
> 3         9.5     125
> 4         7.5     100
> 5         8.2     120
> The Bentley says that the cylinders should be withing 3 bar (difference
> between the highest and lower cylinders, which it is.

Those compression numbers look REAL wrong to me.  I just bought an '85
Coupe GT two weeks ago, we did a compression test before I bought it (thte
guy was REAL nice!).  Anyway, All numbers were between 132 and 140 psi -
real strong.  My last motor, an '85 Jetta with 9:1 compression, was
135-140 between all cylinders.  I would be suspect of the cylinders that
are 100 psi.  

Don't have a Bentley yet for the for Audi (anyone got a used one they want
to sell? ;), but I would suspect those cylinders.  I don't know, I guess
if the Bentley says that's within spec, it should be ok, but that's not
been my experience, and Bentley's been wrong before.  Anyone else?

Barry J. McCabe
'the sunflower conspiracy'