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Re: C-GTlopin' update

Ian J Haseltine wrote:
> I hesitate to mention this, but it is possible from your description of the
> cam timing that the valves and pistons of some or all of the cylinders have
> met up. Unless someone else can come up with a different answer I think that
> your next move should be to pull the head off to check.
> Anyway, thats what I'd do.

Yep, I know exactly what you mean.  That's why I did a compressin
check.  I figure if the valves are bent at all, or damaged, that there
wouldn't be any pressure (or at least it'd be real low.  Although I
thought the individual numbers were pretty different from each other
(for my tastes), they all turned out within spec according to the
Bentley.  I also shined a flashlight in the spark plug holes, and tried
to see if the tops of the pistons were scratched or shiny at all.  From
what little I could see (it's only marginally effective, unless you can
shoot light out of your eyes and look out at the same time), The
cylinder tops were nice and nasty black carbon.

I replaced the "engine computer" fuse (the last one in the row of
spares), and it runs fine.  Strange.

Now the slight recollection I have in my head about a lister pulling a
supposedly spare fuse from the spare fuse bank to use for his stereo or
something which caused his car to run like spit becomes clear.  Must've
been the same fuse.

Still don't know how it popped from hitting a bump.  Guess anything can


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