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Re: C-GTlopin' update

Barry J. VOX McCabe wrote:

> Those compression numbers look REAL wrong to me.  I just bought an '85
> Coupe GT two weeks ago, we did a compression test before I bought it (thte
> guy was REAL nice!).  Anyway, All numbers were between 132 and 140 psi -
> real strong.  My last motor, an '85 Jetta with 9:1 compression, was
> 135-140 between all cylinders.  I would be suspect of the cylinders that
> are 100 psi.

Truthfully, I'm not real confident in the exact numbers achieved.  I had
to redo one, because it didn't seem like it was threaded in correctly. 
I was satisfied with not redoing it again, with super accuracy, because
the numbers I had were in spec, none of the cylinders bled down real
fast like they had leaks, and none were totally pressureless, which is
what I was really looking for.  Those reasons and the fact that I
replaced the fuse, and the engine runs fine now.

I did think the numbers were a bit all over the place.  Anyone got any
thoughts as to how normal that is?  Bentley does say it's ok, but...

I'll be using the pressure tester on the quattro, just to get an idea of
how that is.  Maybe I'll finish up the Coupe (retension the timing belt,
put the cover back on the front, retime the ignition) and do another
comp test on hit, real careful-like.  Maybe.

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