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Bypass assembly sold/Rational

Several people have asked why I'm going back to the stock setup. I decided
to post directly to the list.
I've put a whole lot of money into this car and had a lot of fun with it.
When purchased ($2100.00) it was near death. I've had some fiscal
constraints come up lately and had to take a rational look at what level I
want to go to with it. A low estimate of $8500.00 is now invested in the
car. What hasn't been replaced already is planned...

I never felt I got the bennies out of the bypass system, due to the fact
that I was running in the 11-12 psig boost range and wasn't going track
racing. To get the full effect a custom turbo (previously planned) would be
needed. Going to that trouble a 2 piece manifold (jet hot and extrude honed)
would be a natural addition, along with a 3" exhaust. Total for this kind of
fun is now running into the $2.5-3K range.

I still have an interior redo in progress, a windshield to replace along
with full bodywork and paint to complete. Although I love the car, the 89-91
dash and interior is so much more attractive I would rather put that cash
aside for an eventual 89 or 90 replacement to make for my next project. I've
even thought of trying to swap dashes and door panels - gave up when I
considered the wiring nightmare...

I've recently bumped the wastegate back up to full throttle 13.5 psig -
right to the limit of the qlcc chip. If I blow the ends off the intercooler
I've got a spare sittin' in the closet...

I still got a house to buy this year along with 6-10K worth of new furniture
(not MY priority) and a screened pool to finance. 

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                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
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    qcusa #3442                 Maitland, Florida