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Re: Tires

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, Jim Herzig wrote:

> I have 2 brand new tires and 2 tires that are not new but have adequate
> tread to get me through this winter.  My question is how should I mount
> them?  Right now the 2 new tires are in front but with all wheel drive my
> thought was maybe I should mount 1 in RF and 1 in LR to get the maximum
> traction?  Any thoughts?
Hey Jim,
     I don't really know, but I just thought i'd put in my two cents.
Depending on what kind of quattro you have, I would keep them up in front.
If you have an older non-Torsen quattro, then even with center and rear
differentials locked your front two wheels can still move at different
speeds. i.e. the rear diff. keeps the two rear wheels moving at the same
speed; the center diff. ( all when locked) sends all power equal
y between front and rear axles, but there is no front diff. so the front
two wheels are still allowed to move at different rates.  So, if you ever
got stuck, you might want the most traction on the rear two tires.

Damien Z. 87 4000csq (w/new perelli snow's on all four!)