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Well I tried to reply to this one earlier but It appears that my
response was bounced..so here goes.
I just bought another couple of these  with the OSRAM P/N# 2721MF. The
MF includes the base which you are describing.  I paid 1.65/ea for them
at a local autoparts store the dealer wanted 5.68/ea.
chris perry

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>Sent:	Saturday, September 27, 1997 9:17 PM
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>A couple of days ago, I asked about the OSRAM number for some instrument
>panel bulbs on my Coupe Quattro.  The replies I got all said that it is an
>OSRAM no. 2721.  Well, did a little digging for an errant part in my
>and came across a 2721 bulb still on the original backing card.
> Unfortunately,
> it is not the one I need.
>Specifics are:
>1) OSRAM 2721 is a very tiny glass bulb with two electrical connectors
>sticking out the end.  There is no base (plastic or otherwise) on the bulb;
>it is 
>entirely bare except for two lead connectors.
>2) Bulb I need has about the same size glass bulb, but there is an integral
>black plastic base on the end.  This allows you to place it in the socket
>on the instrument panel circuit board and secure the bulb by turning it with
>small screwdriver by approx. 1/4 turn (like a bayonet socket).
>Audi part no. for  needed bulb is 893 919 040 (I believe).  I have a
>that a change was made to this style bulb with the approx. date of Coupe
>introduction; my parts microfiche shows what looks like the OSRAM 2721
>with an associated separate base but no part no. linked to it.
>I think the Audi part no. for the OSRAM bulb is N 017 751 2
>OK, folks, what do you say?
>Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
>1990 Coupe Quattro