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Volkstoberfest & The Hershey Antique Auto Show

	I don't know who all is going to Volkstoberfest in Morgantown, PA on Oct.
12, but if you are trekking in and looking for something else to do in PA,
I have a suggestion. Morgantown is either exit 20 or 22 on the PA turnpike
and the Mall where the show is is right near the turnpike. Two exits up the
pike (westbound) is Hershey PA (about 1 hour away). 
	That same week (Thursday through Sunday) is the Hershey Antique Auto Show.
This is the largest antique auto show in the world. They have the show, car
corral and MASSIVE swap meet fields. This encompasses the Hershey Park
parking lot and surrounding fields. You may not find much water cooled VW
stuff, but it's a must see for any real Automotive fan. It's also free
admission and you can't beat that. LAst year I found a cool (pre war) Auto
Union sterling silver pin with painted Auto Union racer. Too bad they
wanted $400 for it. Probably worth it, but not to me.
	There is usually a Chrysler Corp. Sponsored exhibit at the Hershey Lodge
and Convention Center. In the past it has featured vendors from New York
selling vintage race poster reprints (like Monaco etc, VERY COOL) and ultra
nice and rare cars to be auctioned, like a one off late 30's Mercedes Benz
Convertible that went for over 1 Million. It's really a must see. I'll be
checking it out Saturday atleast, then heading to Morgantown Sunday. For
lodging I suggest staying outside of Hershey as it is tough to get a room.
Even with the amount of hotels in the town, they are usually at capacity
with people from around the country coming in for the Auto Show. LAter-G