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Re: Rear-ended A4

At 10:41 AM 9/29/97 -0400, Mark wrote:
>Well it happened, finally.  My first scrape with my baby '97 A4Q 2.8.
>I was stopped in a line of cars at a stop light last week and a big semi
>pulled up behind me.  Everything was cool, we were all waiting for the
>light to change, when suddenly ... BOOM.  The truck rear-ended me!
>Apparently, the driver'd started to do some paperwork, and forgotten I
>was there.  He looked up, couldn't see me below his enormous hood, and
>thought that the car in front had moved forward, so he moved to take up
>the space.  Damage not too bad (he was going slow) no bodywork dents, but
>he ruined (scraped & creased) the plastic bumper cover.
>I'm really p****d, 'cos anyone I've known who's had a bumper cover
>replaced has had to get a black one & have it painted to match the car.
>Then the paint ALWAYS starts to peel off sooner or later.  Anyone have
>more recent experience that can put my mind at rest?
>Even better, anyone know of a wrecked Cactus Green metallic A4 who's
>rear bumper is in good shape, so I can get a factory-original color
>All suggestions gratefully received...
>-Mark Quinn (bumped A4 & hating life)
I have had my rear bumper cover repainted once and replaced/repainted once.
Absolutely no problems with chipping or peeling and it is pearl white.  I
suggest that if the proper prep and painting process is used, you shouldn't
worry.  My body shop is Elloits' in Colorado Springs and you should talk to
Max or Rob.  I'm sure they will tell you what paint materials and process
they use and you can find a shop in your area who does the same.  I just
wouldn't take it to Maaco.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ Pearl white and beautiful even after some repainting.