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FACT FINDING: Volkswagen Audi Magazine Web-Pages

Morning chaps.

Just thought I'd enlist the lists help on a project I've seem to have been 
tasked with.

If I could ask a few questions of everbody. 

First off, have you heard of Volkswagen Audi Magazine? (If not, it's one of the 
leading magazines concentrating on, funnily enough, Volkswagens and Audis in 
the UK) - NB That was NOT an advert for it, before everybody starts flaming!

Secondly - Have you ever bought it? (If the answer to question 1 was NO, then 
probably not!)

Thirdly - If you have bought a copy, was it a back issue or a current copy.

Fourthly - If VW/Audi Magazine were to do a web-page, what would you like to 
see on it? 

Finally - Would you visit the site? - Big question huh?

Thanks for your help guys! 
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