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Re: Two '84 4KS'

Ron Roth writes:
>   1.  How do I get to instrument panel on a 4KS?  I want to check bulbs
> and maybe replace the unit. (TIA!)
>   2.  My father has a red '84 Coupe GT (no Q) with front end damage to
> part out, need to go look at it in a few weekends to get more details!

These are procesures for the 84 and before 4000/coupe cars (with the
early style dashboard):

0. Disconnect negative battery cable.

1. Remove screws on the bottom of instrument cluster, one on each side,
   below the flank switches.

2. Gently lift out the sides of the top cover and up, and remove the

3. If you have a stereo speaker in the instrument cluster (some early cars
   do), you will need to remove this too.

4. The main instrument illumination bulbs (2 of them) are located on
   each end of the back of the instrument cluster, inside large screw-on
   caps.  You should be able to reach these without removing the cluster.

   Note that 84 4000 quattros (with red instrument illumination) have
   a different bulb than the rest of the 4000/coupe line.  These bulbs
   are higher wattage and have a focusing lens to increase its intensity.

   The warning light bulbs are small peanut sized units in smaller
   cap holders, and you may be able to reach these if you have small
   hands.  Otherwise, you'll need to remove the instrument cluster.

To remove instrument cluster:

0. Do all steps above.

1. Remove the steering wheel:  Center the steering wheel, carefully pull
   off horn pad (don't break the retaining clips), disconnect horn wire,
   and remove the 24mm nut and washer.  Pull off steering wheel.

2. Disconnect speedometer cable and two electrical connections from the
   rear of the instrument cluster.

3. Gently pull out flank switches and disconnect wiring.  That should
   expose two screws (one on each side) that holds the cluster to the dash.
   Remove these screws.

4. The instrument cluster should now lift free off the dash.

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