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Re: Importing Canadian Audis

On Mon, Sep 29, 1997 at 10:23:09AM -0400, Mason Bender wrote:
>Unfortunately, the 4000q and 88,89 90q that I am looking at do not
>automatically meet US compliance standards.  Audi says that they can issue

I was a bit worried about bringing my wife's '92 VW Fox into the states once
we got married.  The spedo was in clicks, and the seat-belts were the
"normal" kind instead of the "hooked-to-the-door-passive-crap" kind we
had seen on every other Fox of the same vintage.  You see, in Canada
they actually wear their seatbelts, so they don't do that crap.

It couldn't have been easier.  In Colorado, all we had to do was to get a
"VIN Search" done, have the emissions test done, and get the new plates.
In fact, we had to do the same thing with the '97 A4 we bought in Chicago
(no emissions though).

We already had the car in the US -- she had driven it down under a "visitors
visa", and we had taken my car back to Canada for the trip where we got
married.  I'm sure that if you're bringing the car back after buying it,
you'll have to pay some duties or something.  As we had just gotten
married, she was allowed to bring back personal effects.

We ended up selling the car about a year later -- no problems with the
spedo being in clicks or the seat belts being the "good kind".