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Re: FS: MicroFiche for Audis!

James Cohen <jscohen@sprynet.com> wrote:

   >I don't know about USA but here in Canada you can buy these straight
   >from the dealership and they are about $10.00 CDN each for brand new
   >Martin Pajak
   As far as I know, these cannot be had by any "ligit" means here in the US.
   I don't know why Audi/VWoA treat them like trade secrets, maybe they want
   to make it as difficult as possible for the aftermarket.  I've tried for
   years to get my hands on fiche, to no avail.
   Even the distributor who publishes the service bulletins for the public,
   doesn't carry the parts fiche.
   And, I don't believe the Canadian fiche has the US models on them (but I
   might be wrong about that).
   I hate getting the wrong parts, having to go to the dealership to find out
   part numbers, and relying on the lousy "exploded" diagrams in the woefully
   inadequate Bentley manuals.
   Let me know what you need...


Perhaps we need a mass import from Canada.  How different can most of the parts 
be?  And how do US independent repair shops get their copies?

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