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Mechanic's inspection

In message <970930023353_-827312446@emout08.mail.aol.com> Audial@aol.com writes:

> Every time I buy a used car I check the compression.  I also allow potential
> buyers of my used cars to do the same.  I've found it's also a good idea to
> let the seller know on the telephone that you know something about the car
> that you will need some time to do a good once-over.  I try to schedule times
> to look at the cars when I will have at least an hour of daylight left, and I
> always bring a flashlight and some clean, well-stored tools.  If you act
> professionally, most people don't object to you poking around their cars
> unless they're trying to hide something.

In the case of the Leeds car, Roger had an advantage - he took along an 
owner/maintainer with 88k miles of experience that had started roughly at the 
same mileage as the car for sale.
I guess we deceived the salesman a little, but it was his own fault.  He 
thought we were interested in buying the car - we were, until we heard his dumb 
idea on price.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club