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All CIS-E ECUs the same? Any for sale?

Does anyone know if all CIS-E control units are the same?  There is a
lady here in Austin trying to sell a Coupe GT for $700 because it
isn't running.  She was told, by the mechanics, that the ECU had gotten
water in it and was dead.  After some brief tests, I think perhaps they
were correct.  

Would it be safe to put my ECU in her car, or her ECU in mine, to
verify if it is dead or not?  I don't want to fry my ECU or toast any
of my fuel injection electronics because I was trying to help her out.

Is anyone parting out a Coupe GT or 4000q that has a CIS-E ECU they can
sell inexpensively?

'85 Coupe GT
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