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Re: Impending danger...

Ramana Lagemann writes:

>... snip ...
> > Due to the many requests we have receivd, we have started a bulletin
> > board for owners of older Audi models, ... snip ...
> Can we now decide that AudiCar may now be a threat to the existance of
> the Qlist?

Nah.  Look ... the Web is going to "push" technology.  The qlist has been
with "push" technology (by way of direct email) all along.  Speaking
personally, I don't spend much time scanning bulletin boards - it's too
much trouble.  But I do read the qlist (albeit the digest) 'cos it's stuck
in front of me - and I pick up lots of good tips & info into the bargain.
No web page method is going to do that for me ... or, I dare say, for most
of the others here.

-Mark Quinn