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RE: 5kcstq fuel injector removal?

You are correct that the injectors just pull out.  There is a special
tool for this but I have always used a screwdriver to pry mine out. They
are held in by rubber grommets.  A little trick is to lightly coat the
grommet with gasoline before removal or installation and they pop right
chris perry

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>Subject:	5kcstq  fuel  injector  removal?
>The question is: how do you remove the fuel injectors?
>I don't see anything about the Bentley about this, although they do have
>installation (although it seems they're missing something).  As hard as it is
>for me to believe, it looks as though the injectors are just pushed in.
>Although how they don't fly out with 100psi+KABOOM I don't know.  
>Thanks, Arryn.
>PS: When people are talking about "pulling codes", is this a 1 or 2 person
>job?  Is it easy for 1 person?