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5kcstq fuel injector removal?

>> The question is: how do you remove the fuel injectors?
>Ya pull 'em out.  I use a mega pair of vice grips and a huge screwdriver as
>a lever.

there is also a handy tool for this, especially for when the vice grips
won't fit.  it is a piece of hardened, stamped steel, L-shaped, 2-3
inches in length.  the short leg has the end cutout so that it fits
against the side of the injector and under the threaded fitting on the
fuel line.  the long leg has a slot or two into which you can slide a
screwdriver blade for leverage.  same idea as phil's - grab the
injector/fitting and pull, rather than pulling via the fuel line.
i got mine for $8 from a vw tuner, but many tool supplier carry them.
mine was made by schley products, inc (a so cal company)


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