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Parking brake, rear caliper, FIXED

Hi folks.  A couple weeks ago I posted a query as to my parking 
brake not working, traced to the right rear caliper. The cables 
seemed fine, but the actuating lever on the caliper moved 1/2 inch 
and stopped solid. Hence, no parking brake.  Thanks to everyone for 
their replies/suggestions - heard from about a dozen people. 

After calling some of the usual suspects for prices on 
new/used/rebuilt, I figured I'd live dangerously and check out the 
local Parts America store - and damned if they didn't get me a 
Girling rebuilt unit,  overnite, for $70-odd. ($45 core charge.)  
Installation went smoothly, caliper and p-brake work just like new!  

One note: Since I don't have a pressure or vacuum brake-bleeder, I 
took (another) chance by doing the bleed the old-fashioned way. I 
was *very* careful to minimize the amount of bleeding needed by 
pre-filling the new caliper with fluid, and moving very quickly in 
switching the units. 

HTHs someone else. 

Frank M.
'89 100Q
'88 Mazda 323 GTX