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Ur-Q weakpoints?

   Hey guys,

   I know I wasn't going to be buying another Audi for a while now, but this
one struck my interest.  I am going to look at an '83 Ur-Quattro possibly this
weekend.  I just sold a 5000CSTQ which I owned for over 3 years so I know a
good bit about what to look for on these cars, but I was wondering if any of
you Ur-Quattro owners can shed some light on any problems or weakpoints that
I should definately look for or are applicable to the Ur-Q's alone.  Any help
is appreciated.

    Phil Payne's idea of getting a compression test done before buying any car
of this age sounds like a pretty good idea as well.  Thanks for the tip.

    ....ex 5000CSTQ