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more Subaru vs. Audi. (little Audi content)

I recently replaced a "scareeee"*  '90 V8Q with a used '96 Legacy AWD sedan.

They are not even remotely comparable cars.  They were never intended to 
compete with each other.  There's no value in debating their relative 

All Audis have far more class, comfort, performance, looks, safety, 
status... you name it, than most any Subaru.  But the question of value 
looms large.

Given that an 18 month old AWD+ABS Legacy w/20k miles can be had for under 
$15k, it's fair to claim that Subarus may be more practical cars. 
 Especially for those of us with thinner checkbooks and less of an urge to 
pay for the "more of everything" that the Audis offer.

The Subes are also much cheaper to insure and maintain and that AWD system 
is pretty darn slick, too.  If you want an economical AWD sedan for under 20 
grand you have little selection....

But can you believe that Subaru wants $360 (plus tax) for the service 

 -Andy T.

* - direct quote, eliot lim, 1997.