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Re: 86 5ktq starting hard

>  For example, I go to work at 8am, starts fine.  I go to lunch at 1pm  starts
> like poop.  I go home from work at 5pm, starts fine.  I go out after work at
> 7pm  starts fine.  The
> next day it started fine in the morning but hardly started, took at least 5-6
> attempts, at all at 1pm when I went to lunch again....frustrated.

My coupe has this neat trick.  When no one else is around, it starts like
flipping a switch, click-Vrooom!  When there are (even innocent) bystanders,
rr-rrr-rrrr-rrr-rrr-hiccup-vrrrr to an unsteady idle.  I guess it's just a
little shy.

But seriously, you may be getting a little bit of fuel vaporisation lock at the
injectors.  How to fix it?  I dunno.  I think they made shrouded injectors to
help with this, but your car probably already has them.  Good luck.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers