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Re: 91 200 TQ Stalling

I too just solved my '91 200TQ's stalling/idling problem by replacing
the infamous turbo bypass valve as many have recommended.

Two items to note:

Mine had not stalled in several months; however, the idling was not
constant (varied +/-100 rpm every few seconds) and the deacceleration
was too quick (made it difficult to shift smoothly).   My mechanic had
insisted that this was all due to a bad overrun cut-out valve which he
replaced to no avail.  He too said he had never heard of a faulty turbo
bypass valve.

The turbo bypass valve is very easy to replace.  All it takes is a small
screwdriver and about 15 minutes for those who would like to save the
hassle of dealing with a mechanic.  The new valve cost less than $50
which isn't too bad for a 200TQ part.

George Simmons

'94 S4  32k miles
'91 200TQ 20V  91k miles (and running much better, thank you)
'86 5KCSQ  150k miles (the snow car)