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Re: S8 vs Carrera 4

 -=> Quoting Dan Simoes <=-

 >            After seeing what Audi offers to our southern Americans, Brazil
 >      is now tops on my vacation list.
 >      Hughes Aircraft        

 DS> Yeah, and they charge about as much for an S8 as Hughes does
 DS> for a big freakin plane...

 DS> | Dan |

      And they charge almost as much as Hughes charges the
      Pentagon for parts, too.  But to be fair to Audi, on the
      vehicles themselves most of the price difference is because
      of taxes, about 125% worth when all is said and done.  I
      exported some Audi sheetmetal and paint for an A6 to a client
      down there, his final cost for the materials after airfreight,
      taxes and bribes was +/- U$4500.00.  The same parts, quoted
      by his friendly Audi dealer was U$12,000.00.

      And for the record, they don't speak Spanish in Brazil.



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