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Re: 86 5ktq starting hard

> Date:          Tue, 30 Sep 1997 10:50:26 -0500
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> From:          Jim Herzig <jimzig@athenet.net>
> Subject:       86 5ktq starting hard

> I have an 86 5KTQ that is starting hard on occaision.  It has 178K on it
> and i have replaced plugs, fuel pump and filter, air filter, front
> intercooler/turbo hose, etc.  It runs fine even under full throttle(no
> surging) but it starts very hard sometimes.  For example, I go to work at
> 8am, starts fine.  I go to lunch at 1pm  starts like shit.  I go home from
> work at 5pm, starts fine.  I go out after work at 7pm  starts fine.  The
> next day it started fine in the morning but hardly started, took at least
> 5-6 attempts, at all at 1pm when I went to lunch again....frustrated.  The
> starter sounds like it is fine as it is turning the engine over but the
> starting, or lackthereof, is much like trying to start a flooded engine but
> I haven't given it enough gas to do that. 
> 86 5ktq
> 94 mr2 turbo

I had a similar problem. Took it to the shop and they replaced the 
temp sensor because it was "marginal."  The intermittent hard 
starting continued and took it back to the shop.  They put back the 
old sensor and poked around more.  They found one of the hoses 
between the airbox and throttle (don't know exactly which one - could 
have been the one to the intercooler) was not seated properly 360 
degrees around.  They said the hose was folded under a little bit on 
one side.  No telling how long it was like that since I never touched 
it. They removed it and repositioned it and it's been starting like a 
champ ever since.  The small vacumn leak was causing it to start hard 
and stall on occasion.  I guess the leak was small enough that 
sometimes it would seal itself and start fine.  Good luck!

Rudy C.
87 5kcstq (184,000 miles)
97 a42.8q (1900 miles)