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knobby question-wooden you know

When I'm not turning the wheel of my Quattro, I'm often turning at my
woodlathe. Looking at the deteriorated finish of the stock OEM gearshift
knob on my '91 200q, I realized that I could turn a new one with little
more effort than removing and refinishing the old. In addition I could
change the material and the shape to something a bit more interesting,
customized and functional.

Anyone BTDT? Suggestions? I know Audi and aftermarket retailers offer
replacements, but doing my own will be more fun.

Related question: Audi's "Zebrano" is a designation knocked around quite a
bit on the list, but, even assuming it _is_ real wood veneer under all that
plastic finish, I don't think "Zebrano" is a recognized name for a wood
species (except on the Qlist of course). There is a wood called Zebrawood,
which is distinctly striped; yet it does not seem to closely resemble
what's in our Audis. Does anyone know something definite concering the wood
species used in the interior trim (particularly for the older series--say

'89 100
'91 200q