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Re: 90CS Quattro - Tires again and brakes

Robert K. Davis wrote:

> The car currently has 195/65-15 Michelin MXV4 tires on it, which I find
> to be quite worthless.  Were these the standard tires on the 90CSQ?  I
> seem to have seen references to 205/(60 or 65?)-15 being standard, but
> some New England dealers were putting the 195 no^H^Hall-seasons on them?

For new 93-95 90s, the S and CS models got 5-spoke "aero" Ronals,
6x15 with 195/65 HR 15 all-season rubber. Quattros got 6.5x15 10 (?)
spoke wheels with 205/60 15 rubber. Some dealers pooped and stuck
quattro buyers with the narrower combo.

> Then, next spring it's a new set of alloys and tires, either 215/60-15 on
> 15x7 or 225/50-16 on 16x7.5.  Has anyone put the latter on a 90CSQ?  I'm
> torn between the prices of mailorder, and the convenience of the local
> dealer if they don't fit.

Neither will fit. There isn't much clearance around the suspension
bits, front or rear. The widest you're going to be able to go is a
205 tire and a 7.5" rim.

Having said that, you *may* be able to squeeze a 215 under there if
you change the offset (significantly). Neither Tire Rack nor Discount
Tire Direct will "approve" anything wider than a 205...

Last spring, I put 7.5x16 TSW alloys with 205/55 16 D40 M2s on my
1993 90CS. They just fit, with less than 1/4" clearance around the

The other trouble you'll run into is that there are not too many wheels
available with the 4x108mm bolt pattern used on these cars. Most
TSW wheels will fit, moda and Borbet have a couple and that's about it.

> As for tires, I'm looking at BFG COMP TA ZR, Bridgestone Potenza RE71,
> Dunlop SP 8000 or D40M2, or Yokohama A008P or AVS Intermediate.  I'm

I've been running the D40 M2s for about 6000 street miles and a
couple of track events and have been very pleased with the performance
for the price. The design is a little old and the wet performance is
not stunning, but still seems like a great 3-season tire.

They've stayed round and balanced. They didn't chunk or roll over
on the track, either.

> seemed to be on, even without the pedal depressed.  I stopped, and there
> was smoke coming from the rear brakes.  It was a though the handbrake was
> on.  However, it wasn't, and hadn't been since we left home.  After a
> cooling off period, everything seemed OK (well, the right rear still

The handbrake mechanism on the rear calipers is prone to seizing,
either with the brake on or off. It may just be the cables, but
brace yourself for calipers. I understand that once the mechanism
goes bad, they really can't be rebuilt...