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Warped front rotors--resurface or replace?

The front brake rotors on my CQ are warped. One mechanic told me that he
could resurface the rotors and replace the pads ($109 total cost), however,
in his experience, the resurfaced rotors would warp again and probably very
soon (couple months) since the rotors would be thinner and therefore more
susceptible to warping. He recommended new rotors (and new pads, of
course). I'm leaning toward getting the new rotors since the mechanic's
advice seems to make sense and I've been getting prices on new rotors
($70-$150 each) but I thought I'd ask to see what others have experienced
with resurfaced rotors.

Also, what is a good price for a new pair of rotors for a '90 Coupe
Quattro? $69.95/each from Blaufergnugen (a parts shop listed on the quattro
web page) is the best price quoted so far (Carlsen wanted $155/each).

Finally, does anyone know a good independant mechanic in the Chicago area,
preferably in the north shore? Anyone tried Lake County Automotive in

Thanks, in advance, for your advice!

Steve Keller
'90 Coupe Quattro