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Re: Snow tire life?


Darlene's Hakkapelitta 10's did their 6th winter of pathetically low
mileage rolling last winter.  Ventured out to drive the Jetta once, and lo
and behold - no grip, just a hell of a racket from the studs - yet over 50%
of tread left.  Soooo, I got her a set of new 205/50R15 summers.  ;^)

I seem to recall the Nokia engineer (not the phone company) telling at the
factory tour that three winters is ideal with no storage concerns, but if
stored well (dry/dark/oxygen deprived) their useful life can be extended
greatly.  I don't seem to recall seeing the tires in question sealed
hermetically in your refrigerator.  And does that light even go out when
you shut the door...???

I will get her new Nokia 1's this winter (that is soon here in the other
great white north) as she still wants studs.  Me, I'll be hooking up with
those 17" Michelin snows and q-control.

yo brother,


> From: Tom Haapanen <tomh@metrics.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Snow tire life?
> Date: 1. lokakuuta 1997 15:52
> While I'm waiting for my new Pirelli Winter 210Ps to arrive for my A4
> quattro, I'm hoping that someone on the list might be able to enlighten
> me on my other snow tire issue.
> My wife's GTI has an older set of snows (Pirelli Winter 190, actually),
> that are not yet worn out.  However, they *are* getting old.  What is
> a reasonable number of winters to drive on a set of snows?  And when
> they actually become unsafe to drive on?
> Thankful for any enlightenment ...
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