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Re: pulling codes on '91 Audi 100


The later 100's (1989-91), use a separate set of connectors
(typically black and brown) under the drivers side dash to
access the fault codes. It appears they continued to use
the fuel pump relay with the fuse slot in these later
models, even though this fuse slot does not activate the
fault codes when a fuse is inserted.

You may need to use an LED test light to connect to these
two connectors as in some cases they have removed the
"Check Engine" light bulb from behind the gauge console.
There is a procedure that should be in the archives (Phil
Payne did?) that explains this process.

Scott M.
> I tried pulling the codes on my '91 100 I5 with no
> Used the #10 relay in engine bay labeled "K-jetronic"
with fuse slot on top.
> put fuse in top of relay for varied lengths of time but
dash showed no codes
> at all. There are several relays under the dash (driver
side) that are very
> difficult to access. One of which has a fuse slot in the