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Re: Help! Can't start it up...

Amnat Choeypatkul wrote:
>      Dear Q-listers,
>      URGENT!  I need all your helps, pls...  Here's what happened to my
>      '89-90 (non-q):
>      1) This morning (temp outside: 56F), when I--first, started the engine
>      I heard a _not too loud_ pop sound from the engine area.  The engine
>      was cranking, but it was not _fully_ started.  (The engine sound liked
>      it was coughing/fought to idle, not smooth as usual, then it stopped
>      when I let go the key from the start position.)
>      2) Waited for 1-2 mins, then, restarted it again.  The engine was
>      cranking but not completely started.
>      3) Checked the diagnostics...got all OKs.
>      4) Restarted it again, the same result in 2)
>      5) Restarted--w/ the gas pedal pushed to half way, the engine started
>      but its sound was very scary--like it was coughing w/ some
>      _intermittent/moderately loud popping sounds_.  (Its sound liked the
>      engine fought to run at the idle rpm w/ the intermittent popping noise
>      in the background.)  When I let go the gas pedal, it stalled right
>      away.
>      6) As of now, I can't start the engine, unless I pumped the gas half
>      way.  (But the engine would run w/ a very horrible sound in 5)
>      7) Opened the oil cap & cranked the engine, the cam was turning OK.
>      8) Checked the dist. cap, rotor, spark plugs, it's OK--got a juice.
>      From all above, could you pls let me know...what went wrong w/ my 90.
>      Anyone BTDT, pls let me know the fix & how much $$$ it's going to cost
>      me.  :(
>      MTIA,
>      Nat
>      '89-90 non-q (69+K miles & sick)
>      Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org
>      Note:
>      - I just had "60K services"--from a _lousy_ Audi dealer in NYC area
>      (Zumbach), back in June '97.  (The dealer replaced the timing belt and
>      it seems the belt was loose--because it has the same rattle noise at
>      the ignition dist. as Wolff's the Beast.)
>      - I was verbally told by the above dealer that w/ the "60K services"
>      my car will automatically get 12K/12mons warranty from the Audi.  Does
>      anyone of us know about this warranty?  (If yes, how do I claim this
>      warranty from the Audi?  Anyone BTDT?)
	Check the air boot at the air flow meter it probably poped off when the
car backfired.