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Silicon Vacuum Hoses

I think that all of us with Turbos are tired of heat rot on V.Hoses.
Akimoto racing of California offers Silicone Hoses (bright yellow in
in many different diameters. Mainly for Japanese cars.
However, I met his father (he owns a Sushi Bar in Lil' Tokyo-Flying
Fish) and seems that his dear son is looking to expand hose business, so
I am thinking about Guinea pigging my car and see if a kit can be made.
Hmm.... replace once all hoses for no more leaks.....Seems like a good
thing to me.
I'll keep you all posted.
Off to Paris tomorrow for 10 days. Renting a A4 Avant from Avis (I hope,
probably they will offer me a Renault Laguna or something - A Citroen XM
3.0-24V Pallas would be a worthy substitute.
Ciao 4 Niao
Paul Rivera
90 V8
91 200 TQW