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Re: Help! Can't start it up...

Mike Watz wrote:
> I had a similar thing happen on my '85 4KSQ -- it made a 'strange' noise while
> turning over one morning, then crank as I would, I couldn't get it to fire....
> So I checked to make sure that timing belt wasn't broken (cam rotated)......
> had it taken to a tiny little VW shop and the German mechanic found that the
> timing belt WAS loose and had jumped a couple teeth -- sending it too far out
> of time to start.........
> He readjusted the belt for $40 and retensioned it (?) and said that the belt
> looked good...... it ran fine!  I was happy that I didn't have to replace the
> belt.
> -Mike-
> P.S. Just as a note, I estimate that that belt had about 150K miles on it (it
> was the original).......I recently had it replaced .......just as prev. maint.

150k miles? That's a long life belt! Anyone else seen one go that long?
'91 200 TQ "The Beast" (all 4 Summit tires have lost at least 10 psi in
the 2 month's I have had the car. Ack.)